Tuesday, November 8, 2011

*Luck Be A Lady With Lashes*

This holiday season explore your inner self by accentuating your greatest feature, your EYES. Show case your eyelashes like you were living in the 1950’s and dancing to Frank Sinatra. Make every picture look timeless and stunning with shhhhhhh! (no one has to know) fake eyelashes. Have that professional look but without the cost. A FRESH follower and friend of mine inspired me to try this fun cosmetic enhancement and all I can say is I’m addicted. I decided to explore the isles of Sally’s beauty store and Ulta to see what my best beginner options are. I found that Ulta carried a beginner fake individual eyelash kit (<$10) that had everything I needed (see pic below). I prefer the individual lashes because they adhere very naturally. Simply follow the directions, which are like five, and “walla” you look like every celebrity. Most importantly, this holiday season try something different and FRESH. Be inspired and try these lashes with bright red lipstick to help make your eyes pop. Enjoy! 

 I suggest starting with the short flare and medium flare size lashes, but GO FOR IT and be fabulous with the long flare. 

I found that applying the individual lashes in the direction from your ear-side to your nose-side is easier. I also started with medium flare lashes then switched to short flare lashes half way, but be creative and choose whatever pattern works for you. You can tell that I just stopped completely half way as well. 

Having fun....

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