Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fresh Midday Tip: The Word behind a Womens Best Friend

Friendly and Fresh reminders can always help remind you of great tips to keep your skin feeling and looking fresh. The word behind a Womends Best Friend is WATER. Every morning help yourself to a glass of lemon water. Its a great way to jump start your metabolism and the smell is said to help remind you of summer morning. Always carry water wherever you go. This will help you develop a habit of drinking the recommended amount of 7-8glasses/day. My tip is to ADD Lemon, the smell throughout the day always gives me a boost of energy so you feel FRESH...Water is essential for our cells to continue working and staying healthy. Drinking water will help your skin too.....I learned this from my mother who is a role model of mine when it comes to keeping your skin and body healthy. Its a cheap way to make your body happy and give the energy and glow you need.
My mother and I freshly squeeze our lemons in advance and keep them in this Great glass container. This makes it easy for me to grab lemon on the go and it forces me to drink lemon water all day. You cant make it easier then this so for me there is NO excuse....

Fresh: Need to straighten your life?

Fresh: Need to straighten your life?: "Discoverd this by accident from a friend who so graciously let me borrow her Hair Straightner when in Miami. Since, I fried mine when travel..."

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Need to straighten your life?

Discoverd this by accident from a friend who so graciously let me borrow her Hair Straightner when in Miami. Since, I fried mine when traveling abroad from the voltage in the outlet. Who could blame me? I was a girl in need of a straightener who has curly hair (wears it straight) and caught in the Arab desert.
ARGAN HEATTM by one and onlyTM is an amazing ceramic straightner that will only cost you $60. Everyone knows that I have thin hair and split ends come with it like a married couple. GIRLS its time to get a divorce because this product for me has not caused any breakage, burning or late night bad hair. I was so amazed that not only did it help with breakage but it kept my bangs straight until the next day. BY THE WAY, My bangs went through 6 hrs of tanning in the sun, partying all night in south beach till 4 am, then slamming my head on a pillow for a couple of hours. YES this is true and its my FRESH secret to you.......

Divine from the Vine.....

What is this wonderful muse that is so Divine from the Vine? Grape Seed Oil. Yes, this grape seed extract has saved my skin from its numerous encounters with my shaver. Looking for a quick fix from razor burn or before you even have to feel its consequences? Place a couple drops on your fresh shaved legs directly after you get out of the shower. Grape seed oil is also a natural moisurizer and keeps your legs looking glossy and sexy.

I get continous compliments on how soft and glossy my legs look when I go out and now you can too. My recommendation is to place the oil in a travel size spray bottle so you can apply it easier and equally on your skin. I just keep it next to all my toiletries in the shower as a daily reminder.
*Do not use Grape Seed oil if you are allergic to this product. The information provided is from personal experience and its up to your own discretion to use it.