Monday, June 27, 2011

Why We Should Start Loving Germs Again ~Take a Fresh Health Hint

Are you always carrying around an antibacterial sanitizer or continuously buying products with the name “antibacterial” on them?   Think again……Almost everything we use to clean ourselves has some form of antibacterial agent including TOOTHPASTE (EWWWW). We have become a generation of Germaphobes.  So much so, that we even carry sanitizer that looks more bedazzled and decorated than our phones. Walk into any large market and check out the new sanitizers, they are PINK, BEJEWELED, and slapped with STUFF I used to decorate my ice skating outfits with. This new desperate marketing tool is trying to overcome the recent years of research that antibacterial agents are actually not beneficial to our society at all. In fact studies upon studies in the last 10 yrs are fighting to minimize the population’s use of antibacterial sanitizers. 

Why is this important information to YOU? OK LETS do a Top 5 Reasons countdown……

5) Personal Endorsement- Fresh Skin For You Blog endorses things that are good for your skin. Most of these products carry alcohol and all I have been preaching is that alcohol can really dry your skin out especially if it is inappropriately used.  Your skin cells need nutrition and plenty of moisture.
4) Development of Resistance- many of these sanitizers do not kill all the bacteria on your skin or in your home. Weaker bacteria gets killed first but the stronger bacterial survive and replicate. Causing LITERALLY a world health crisis according the Center of Disease Control because we cannot continuously keep up with killing these newer and stronger forms of bacteria. YIKES!
3) Super Bugs- Sanitizers used to only be seen in hospitals to help kill off infections that only develop in people who are sick or who have low immunity-hence hospitalized patients. However, now sanitizers have crossed over into the everyday home leading to the development of SUPER BUGS like MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphlococcus aureus) a hospital infection that never caused many complications until NOW.
2) GET DIRTY (welllllllll kinda dirty)- Now there is a link between too much hygiene and increased allergy. Our immune systems are being neglected from exposure to everyday bacteria our ancestors have survived from. We need the exposure to build our immunity-THAT’S A FACT. The more we hide ourselves from bacteria, we inadvertently prevent our immune systems from maturing and hence we become sensitive to certain exposures such as allergies. Why do you think kids are developing more asthma and eczema now-a-days? Because we are afraid to roll them in the dirt.
1) Not for my sake but for yours, understand that simple soap and water hand washing is something people have been doing for hundreds of years and studies have shown it to be just as effective if not more than using antibacterial sanitizers. Also many of these products contain Triclosan. A product that has many toxicity concerns. This chemical pollutes rivers, waters, and can be toxic to wildlife. This chemical can accumulate in our body and interfere with many hormones such as our thyroid hormone (TSH). 

SOOOOO….. We will never free ourselves from bacteria but we should make peace with them. In fact we have millions of bacteria on our skin that symbiotically help us survive. 

Those who DO NOT endorse using sanitizers:                      
            Centers for Disease Control
            FDA Advisory Panel
            Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology
            American Journal of Public Health
            Clinical Infectious Diseases
            National Institute of Health
            American Academy of Pediatrics
            Bill Nye The Science Guy----- hahaha remember him?
            Dr. Oz
            And many more……


Monday, June 20, 2011

The Newest Exfoliate~

Well maybe it’s not NEW per say, but it surely will be used as a household name for skincare soon. What is so WORTH IT and DIRT CHEAP too? Two-words: Baking Soda. My mother dearest and I came across an article written by a well-known makeup artist and eyebrow stylist, who specializes in dermatology, that raves about baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) used as gentle microdermabrasion. She personally uses this paste three times a week and has never had to use Botox or fillers. We both decided to become guinea pigs and try this paste for ourselves. All you have to do is make a paste out of baking soda and water then apply it gently on your skin or face (Please be gentle to your skin, the worst thing you can do is aggressively rub and cause more irritation or further skin growth-not the pretty kind).After light rubbing for 30sec, predominantly in the dryer areas, we both noticed an amazing glow. Especially the next day, I didn’t wear makeup because I loved my look. 

Who would think something so simple can help wipe away dead skin, stimulate your younger cells, and prevent break outs? Baking Soda is especially effective due to its fine, yet hard powder, making it highly effective in removing dead skin without causing irritation. It is also said Baking Soda has an anti-microbial property for those who have acne. MAKE SURE YOU MOISTURIZE AFTER! Your new cells are now bare and need as much moisture to stay elastic and healthy. In conclusion, all signs point to Baking Soda Exfoliate. It is excellent and cheap. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bobbi Brown, You should be my neighbor!

Since I was in high school I have been religiously devoted to the Bobbi Brown Makeup line. They have continuously provided me with makeup and skin care that doesn’t make you want to scream at the mirror from horrid pimple growth. I think my skin has changed over ten times since I was 14yrs old due to puberty, age, environmental damage, sun, and well it’s hard to talk about it. You can all relate, but Bobbi Brown has been there for me.  Bobbi diverged from the standard makeup world to create a line that accents natural skin tones and provides a flawless look for any skin type. You would be surprised how many chemists would agree that many makeup lines today just produce garbage rather than actually provide quality makeup. You’re paying for it so it’s important you don’t just buy anything. That’s why I love Bobbi! 

What Bobbi Brown products do I have NOW in my makeup bag:
Extra SPF 25 Lightweight Tinted Moisturizer Balm: Medium to Dark Tint    $50.00
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this product especially in the winter. It comes in all different types of shades from Alabaster to Dart Tint. If you find yourself wearing foundation that normally cracks or shows an undefined line from your dry skin TRY this moisturizer that’s tinted. DUH! It makes so much sense. This balm is ultra-rich, blends easy, and it gives your skin a gorgeous glow especially in the winter. It was ranked number one “Most Moisturizing” tinted moisturizer in Feb 2011 in the featured REAL SIMPLE magazine. Beyond that, I can’t stop buying this product since it’s so flattering, lasts me up to 6 months, and you don’t need to cake it on. The Lightweight Tinted Moisturizer Balm is my daytime makeup. 

EXTRA Repair Foundation SPF 25- Honey 5    $55.00
BEST FOUNDATION! Most companies hand you foundations that dry, crack and don’t blend well on your skin. SOOOO most girls will first apply a moisturizer then apply. With Bobbi Browns EXTRA Repair Foundation you don’t have to do that. It comes in all different types of shades, from Warm Ivory to Dark Walnut, but what makes it so moisturizing is the Shea butter and primrose oil to keep your skin hydrated and looking FRESH.  This foundation is my evening makeup. 

Buy the Foundation brush, it’s worth the cost, plus using your fingers actually adds dirt to your face with application.   $35.00

Buffing Grains for the Face  $40.00
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN it is so important we exfoliate our skin on a regular basis. Wiping away dead skin will allow your new cells room to breathe and provide you a FRESH look. The problem, we are sold products that have a standard amount of exfoliate per inch and for some this may not be enough or it can be too harsh. Bobbi Brown sells a dry grain separately from the cleanser. You can create a fully customized skin rub while staying loyal to a cleanser that already works for you.  I find myself using more exfoliate in the winter and less in the summer. Side Note: I used a standard exfoliate years ago and I burned my face since it was so harsh on my skin. That’s why I love Bobbi’s Buffing Grains. 
 Enjoy my little secrets that will keep you looking FRESH :)