Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happy holidays to all my family, friends, and Fresh followers. Thank you for all your support and generous comments. This was a wonderful year because of you. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

xoxo Jacqui

Saturday, December 10, 2011

L’OCCITANE en provence, A Company That Touches the Hearts of American Skin~

Needless to say, but I forgot all about this company ever since they started opening up like a chain in every mall. However, this isn’t any excuse to ignore the quality of their products. About three months ago I adventurously rummaged through my lovely mothers bathroom because I was in dire need of a moisturizing face mask and ran out of my own. I came across a pair of beautiful looking skincare jars that wrote “Immortelle Brightening Moisture Cream and Immortelle Brightening Mask” and I’m thinking in my head “EXACTLY”.  This was what I needed to brighten my skin and day. 

After applying the mask, rinsing, and then applying the facial moisturizer I couldn’t believe how vibrant and healthy my skin looked. Turns out the Immortelle essential oil ingredient in these products helps stimulate skin cell growth, whereas the daisy essential oil and Vitamin C help uniformly make the skin radiant. After such success I started researching the quality of this skincare company. Turns out L’Occitane truly cares about quality and actually sells a variety of products for every skin type. Here is a simple overview of what I learned:

1.  Every essential ingredient IS from Provence, France.
2.  Every ingredient is organic and left in its active form, meaning it actually works.
3.  The significant ingredients are actually listed in the top half of the ingredient list, which means they’re not scamming you and the ingredient their advertising is actually large enough in the product.
4.  Each skin concern listed on the product directly correlates with the ingredients provided Ex. If your skin type is very dry then evening primrose should be one of the top ingredients listed because it works.

After trying a variety of samples I chose “Crème Radeuse Hydration Cream”. We all know our skin changes with every season and this moisturizing cream is what my skin needs for a dry winter. However, there are a large variety of products for every skin type. I didn’t go with the Immortelle skincare line because my skin is too young. This line is anti-aging. The ingredients listed are too strong and damaging which is probably why it worked so quickly after I used the product. Although, L’Occitane is not the cheapest skincare line it is however worth it. My bottle put me back $39 (without tax). Check them out now since the holiday brings in great deals. When it comes to my skin I don’t mess around and it’s worth investing in great products. Enjoy a fresh start to your day with L’Occitane. I would recommend the company to anyone. 

-P.S. Always ask for samples then try the product before you purchase.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Check Out This Beauty Buy ONLY TODAY

Are you looking for an amazing beauty gift for someone or for yourself? Try “Best of L’OCCITANE” an amazing 12-piece sampler of this company’s finest. Price: $60.00 (original: $101.00). Also FREE SHIPPING on orders greater than $40.00. Enjoy the beauty and aroma of France’s true art de vivre. Look out for my future blog that reviews L’OCCITANES natural skin care line. Click here to access the website:

-Au revoir and best of wishes with shopping!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

*Luck Be A Lady With Lashes*

This holiday season explore your inner self by accentuating your greatest feature, your EYES. Show case your eyelashes like you were living in the 1950’s and dancing to Frank Sinatra. Make every picture look timeless and stunning with shhhhhhh! (no one has to know) fake eyelashes. Have that professional look but without the cost. A FRESH follower and friend of mine inspired me to try this fun cosmetic enhancement and all I can say is I’m addicted. I decided to explore the isles of Sally’s beauty store and Ulta to see what my best beginner options are. I found that Ulta carried a beginner fake individual eyelash kit (<$10) that had everything I needed (see pic below). I prefer the individual lashes because they adhere very naturally. Simply follow the directions, which are like five, and “walla” you look like every celebrity. Most importantly, this holiday season try something different and FRESH. Be inspired and try these lashes with bright red lipstick to help make your eyes pop. Enjoy! 

 I suggest starting with the short flare and medium flare size lashes, but GO FOR IT and be fabulous with the long flare. 

I found that applying the individual lashes in the direction from your ear-side to your nose-side is easier. I also started with medium flare lashes then switched to short flare lashes half way, but be creative and choose whatever pattern works for you. You can tell that I just stopped completely half way as well. 

Having fun....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


“Double, double, toil, and trouble; fire burn and cauldron boil”-Shakespeare

What better way to sport trendy green nail polish then now. With Halloween right around the corner you can guarantee compliments with OPI’s new “Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window” green potion nail polish. This is one of many awesome colors for fall and winter. OPI’s new collection called TOURING AMERICA is perfect for whatever mood you find yourself in during the holidays. Don’t forget to use essie, GOOD TO GO, as an extremely fast drying top coat.

 For the risky nail polish wearers, it’s a must you add this color to your already bold nail polish collection and for the not so risky, it’s a great step towards looking fresh and fabulous this Halloween. I hope you enjoy this fun find and have a SPOOOOOKY Halloween. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fabulous FRESH Reminder: Fall into Facials

Don't forget it's a change in season. Now's the perfect time to get your seasonal facial. This is one of the most important times of the year to take care of your skin. Your skin has been exposed from harsh UV rays all summer long combined with fall dry air leaving your skin with a dehydrated and aged look.

Facials are a vital step towards beautiful rejuvenated skin and a wonderful alternative to plastic surgery such as botox, injections, chemical peels and expensive facial lifts. Make sure you check out my May issue, Best Fresh Facial in Chicago, for important tips. Also I highly recommend Anna Goralska, R.C. Facials run $60 dollars for TWO hours, make sure you tell her Fresh Skin For You blog sent you.

Click here for more information or copy/paste the URL to your address bar:

Happy fall to all my readers, friends, and family!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Morning Pick-Me-Up Smoothie

Most people turn to coffee but I fell in love with nature’s most natural way of giving you energy: a glass filled with anti-oxidants, vitamin rich nutrients to boost my energy stores, fiber, and minerals to replenish the building blocks in my body. Have a delicious tasting smoothie that has more nutritional value than most of the meals you consume on a daily basis. Imagine having a chocolate flavored smoothie giving you all sorts of nutritional value, well there is.  This smoothie was created by Chef AJ, a cancer survivor, nutritional chef, and educator. By the way this smoothie is perfect for kids who refuse to eat greens (YOU won’t even be able to tell that there are veggies in your smoothie). So if you’re looking for a fabulous smoothie that isn’t just loaded with sugar and can last you the morning then try my favorite Pick-Me-Up. Let me know what you think!

*Don’t forget, vitamin rich foods are the building blocks to Fabulous Fresh skin*

Nutrient Rich Chocolate Smoothie 

6oz unsweetened chocolate almond milk
4oz pomegranate juice
6oz organic baby spinach
1 banana
Dates, to taste (I really recommend you don’t overlook this ingredient, I makes a wonderful difference)
3 Tablespoons raw cacao powder or carob powder
2 cups frozen blueberries
1 Tablespoon of flax seeds          

Place all ingredients in blender and process until smooth.

Chef Note: This smoothie is also delicious without the cocoa powder

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Use this BLUSH without the BRUSH

Once again I fell in love with Bobbi Brown. Her collection of blushes that come in a stick couldn’t be more perfect for a girl like me. I’ve always found that when using a brush blush (aka blushes that are powder in form and need to be applied with a brush) the color gets irregularly applied.  Especially if you used lotion, concealer, or some form of hydrating solution to your face beforehand. I have to say this blush stick is a part of my daily makeup regimen.

Bobbi Brown’s Blush stick- aka: SHEER COLOR BLUSH TINT- is perfect for all skin types. You get a naturally sheer-looking color that blends evenly. What I also love about this fabulous FRESH find is the portability, easy application, and lightweight feel. 

All six colors are perfect for a girl who is looking to look fabulous this fall………..of course YOU!

FYI this blush is continuously awarded in “Brides Magazine” both in 2010 and 2011. Everyone can easily pull off Sheer Raspberry for a natural bride glow.  

The Gorgeous Leighton Meester wearing Sheer Rasberry......