Saturday, December 10, 2011

L’OCCITANE en provence, A Company That Touches the Hearts of American Skin~

Needless to say, but I forgot all about this company ever since they started opening up like a chain in every mall. However, this isn’t any excuse to ignore the quality of their products. About three months ago I adventurously rummaged through my lovely mothers bathroom because I was in dire need of a moisturizing face mask and ran out of my own. I came across a pair of beautiful looking skincare jars that wrote “Immortelle Brightening Moisture Cream and Immortelle Brightening Mask” and I’m thinking in my head “EXACTLY”.  This was what I needed to brighten my skin and day. 

After applying the mask, rinsing, and then applying the facial moisturizer I couldn’t believe how vibrant and healthy my skin looked. Turns out the Immortelle essential oil ingredient in these products helps stimulate skin cell growth, whereas the daisy essential oil and Vitamin C help uniformly make the skin radiant. After such success I started researching the quality of this skincare company. Turns out L’Occitane truly cares about quality and actually sells a variety of products for every skin type. Here is a simple overview of what I learned:

1.  Every essential ingredient IS from Provence, France.
2.  Every ingredient is organic and left in its active form, meaning it actually works.
3.  The significant ingredients are actually listed in the top half of the ingredient list, which means they’re not scamming you and the ingredient their advertising is actually large enough in the product.
4.  Each skin concern listed on the product directly correlates with the ingredients provided Ex. If your skin type is very dry then evening primrose should be one of the top ingredients listed because it works.

After trying a variety of samples I chose “Crème Radeuse Hydration Cream”. We all know our skin changes with every season and this moisturizing cream is what my skin needs for a dry winter. However, there are a large variety of products for every skin type. I didn’t go with the Immortelle skincare line because my skin is too young. This line is anti-aging. The ingredients listed are too strong and damaging which is probably why it worked so quickly after I used the product. Although, L’Occitane is not the cheapest skincare line it is however worth it. My bottle put me back $39 (without tax). Check them out now since the holiday brings in great deals. When it comes to my skin I don’t mess around and it’s worth investing in great products. Enjoy a fresh start to your day with L’Occitane. I would recommend the company to anyone. 

-P.S. Always ask for samples then try the product before you purchase.

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