Sunday, May 22, 2011

Best Fresh Facial in Chicago

Skin care is perceived by many Europeans as not a luxury but an essential asset to every women’s routine. European Skin care, owned by Anna Goralska R.C., is a part of my life like seeing my primary health practitioner. Facials run $60 dollars for TWO hours, make sure you tell her Fresh Skin For You blog sent you.

Anna Goralska R. C., is a certified Aesthetician who received her degree in Gdansk, Poland.  Unlike in America, Aestheticians in Europe go to medical school (3yrs) and take extra classes in chemistry and pharmacology. Her advanced education allows her to treat every client correctly and successfully. Anna also specializes in treating acne, scarring, various other skin diseases as well as giving you that nice little pick-me-up with collagen and skin peels if appropriate, FRESH AND FABULOUS. You will never see a list of different facials to choose from that’s because you shouldn’t. Your Aesthetician should know what is best for your skin by your age, health history, skin type and various other factors. Anna’s work experience with working for a well renowned plastic surgeon in Poland, a skin care group in downtown Chicago, and now owning her own company for over 10yrs has put her at the forefront of technology. She serves clients from all over Chicago, Indiana, and many Europeans who come to visit family and need a facial. If you ask any high-end successful Polish woman where she gets her facials she would say European Skin Care. 

Many Aestheticians are not trained to know how to take care of your skin properly and if you want facials with a successful long lasting result try seeing Anna. Don’t forget to mention Fresh Skin For you sent you. Anna believes no facial should be less than two hours so she can provide you with the right amount of care and science to your skin. She also believes facials should be affordable so the everyday woman can routinely take care of her skin by a professional.  You would be so silly to pass up this deal but not only to be given the opportunity to make your skin healthier. Don’t forget this is also a FRESH AND FABULOUS gift. Men are also routine customers. 

Anna Goralska, R.C.
6305 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60646

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  1. !!!! Can't wait to get my facial!!!! Thank you for sharing this beauty tip!