Tuesday, May 17, 2011

WEAR your sun color, don’t let it WARE you

We all know how much we love to do this. It gives us that nice little tinkle in our toes and fingers and comforts us like a blanket of warmth.  It’s TANNING! I cannot sit here and tell you that I don’t tan myself, even though we all know of the harms the sun can do to our skin, but I can help you prevent them from happening.  

When I was rafting on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon I actually got burnt on the top of my head. That has never happened before but that just goes to show you how important it is to wear a hat a much as you can when you’re outside. Ouch! 

FYI: Protect your skin 365 days a year so wear sunscreen everyday even in the winter. This is normal routine for many women all over the world.  As much as we all love to get that bronze color right away it is the most harmful for our gorgeous little skin cells that try to keep us looking so young. SO make sure you wear at least a SPF 30. (TIP: From my own medical experience research is showing you don’t need to buy sunscreen greater than SPF 30 because the protection is all the same it just depends on how well you cake on your sunscreen. IF you lightly rub sunscreen on your skin you might not get the full benefits of SPF 30). 

3 Tips with sunscreen:                                                          
1)      Make sure you use sunscreen that protects UVA and UVB (label may say broadspectrum)
2)      Sun protection factor of at least SPF 30 and non-greasy (may say non-comedogenic)
3)      Apply sunscreen 20min before you go outside, reapply every 2 hours

Sunscreen for an Anti-aging budget:

                When purchasing sunscreen make sure you look for Vitamin A and alpha hydroxyl acid in the ingredients. This product can be found in many affordable sunscreens; while adding the anti-aging benefits. The Acid is not appropriate for young skin because it will actually burn your top layer. As you age, your skin accumulates debris, layers of dead skin and acid will help rejuvenate your skin layers. 

Myth: Sun exposure is the best source for obtaining Vitamin D
Myth: All sunscreens are created equal
Myth: Using a higher sunscreen will ensure you don’t burn

American Academy of Dermatology Approved Products:

-Neutrogena Spray (various kinds)
Range from $10.00-$20.00
-Aveeno Continuous Protection
CVS, Walgreen
-Neutroderm Daily Wear Moisturizer
                      $38. 00
-MD Solar Sciences Mineral Screen Gel


  1. Thank goodness for this blog! I have been in need of a new sunscreen and now I know what to look for! Pics are great!..keep sharing you fab health and beauty tips!

  2. Really nice photos! I actually use MD SolarSciences Mineral Screen Gel and I've gotta say, it's been more effective than any I've used in the past. I'm so lucky scientists are developing sunscreens that actually help protect against skin cancer. The screen gel I use is soft to the touch and doesn't clog my pores, all the while offering the best broad spectrum protection. Thank you for this post, really insightful!

  3. My aunt just passed away from skin cancer. Since she was diagnosed, I've been very careful about the skincare products I use.

    Luckily, my mom discovered MD SolarSciences's website. They have an entire section dedicated to educating people about the dangers of sun exposure.