Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother’s Day Gift: A Friendly Reminder~ May 8th, 2011


Mother’s Day, a time when we reflect on all those years,
When our mothers stood by our side and wiped away all our tears;
We thank you for graciously working so hard,
We hope you like your gift because you deserve more than a card;
There is always continuous love and appreciation, regardless of the day on the calendar,
So enjoy your gift with this gorgeous flower called Lavender. By Jacqueline Pikul 
-(Copy and Paste Poem on your card)

Close your eyes and breath deep, your senses with tell you you’re in Provence, France. It’s said to be the place where lavender originated from. AHHHHH! Lavender is the staple flower in this area. This delicate flower is appreciated because of its various aromatherapy qualities. Lavender reduces anxiety, helps with insomnia, and provides a calming and soothing environment. A mother’s dream is to just be relaxed and taken care of on Mother’s Day, so what better way than to put together a couple of gift ideas……..

 Lavender Sachet~
          Used to scent clothes, closets or to place in lingerie drawers.     

1)Purchase a sachet from Party City ($0.99).
2)Fill the Sachet with dried Lavender (Get at Whole Foods, local boutiques always carry them, or The Framers Alley in Park Ridge,IL for $8.00/HUGE bundle)
3) Tie the sachet with a ribbon and bow, and make as many as you want. 


Bath and Body~
            Provide your mother with gifts that will help her sleep, relax and detoxify her skin.

1)      C.O. Bigelow: Lavender Body Wash ($12.00)
2)     Bath & Body Works: Sleep skin Line
-My Favorite, 1oz Pillow Mist ($3.50)
-Lavender Candle ($9.50)
-Lavender Large Basket on SALE ($30.00)

Asha Spa & Salon
          If you can give your mom an amazing gift of professional relaxation.
1)      Massage with Lavender Infused Oil
30 min= $50
60 min= $85 
*Fun Fact: There is a Lavender Festival in Washington State's Olympic Peninsula on July 15,16 &17*

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  1. I spritz the Lavender Mist in the air three times when I'm having trouble sleeping. I love it!