Saturday, April 30, 2011


Once upon a time there was a blonde little girl and one day she decided to dye her hair brown/red and POOF it happened. She was so happy and she was just filled with self-confidence. Until one evening she brushed her hair and watched her hair slowly come out. AHHHH! What will she do? HAIR EMERGENCY: She bought Nexxus Emergencee. After this little hiccup she had her gorgeous hair back and no more breakage. THE END! 

Dying your hair all at once may have been one of the silliest things you have done but Nexxus Emergencee will help. You will always hear me talk about prevention and how to prevent skin complications or hair damage but what if you already have the damage. Then What? Hands down you need Nexxus Emergencee. I have been doing some research and many customers have been complaining that the NEW keratin wraps ($400 worth) have been causing a major side effect: Hair loss. So I also researched the best way viewers treated their hair damage or keratin crisis. All reviewers said they were  using Nexxus Emergencee. It’s a strengthening Polymeric Reconstructor. It is said to surpass repairing and strengthening hopelessly damaged hair. Comes in a 3.3oz bottle. 

~STAY POSTED for my Mothers Day Gift Idea in the Next 2-3days. YAY xoxoxox What does purple have to do with it? Take a guess?

Where to buy?

Amazon: $7.99             Walgreens: $14.99              -I could not find it at Ulta

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  1. Can't wait to buy this product. Thank you!