Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Green Giant and Pop eye Have NOTHING on this!

We are all living in a new food revolution. One in which we are all apart of such as eating organic foods, supporting farmers markets, avoiding foods with MSG or processed ingredients. These are few of the many changes that are needed to eat, be and feel healthier. Many of these changes have been accomplished because we are being educated and we demand healthier foods. Part of this revolution is juicing to cure illnesses or making smoothies that are nutrient dense. We have seen it on Dr. Oz, Oprah, and many nutritional shows.

A Great way to be healthier and make your skin have that exceptional GLOW is to enjoy a delicious and VERY GREEN smoothie. My mother and I use this smoothie as a meal replacement such as breakfast.  You can have this smoothie whenever it’s easier for you but I recommend drinking 2 cups everyday.
We use a VitaMix Blender- A high performance blender that allows for keeping the apple peel or veins of Swiss Chard where a lot of great nutrients get tossed out.
You can use spinach, swiss chard, kale, green apple, lemon juice, green tea juice, pear, banana, coconut juice and the list goes on and on………. We usually use a hand full of spinach, dash of lemon, ¾ cup of homemade green tea just cooled, 1 small green apple plus peel and half of a cucumber.  Typically the spinach is switched with kale or swiss chard. This smoothie is FRESH, LIGHT, DELICIOUS and GREAT for your heart, immune system and skin.  (PLEASE use organic and NO PESTICIDE foods).
Check out for more recipes and learn more about YOUR HEALTH.
I Dare you to try this smoothie……J

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