Friday, April 8, 2011

Nails Good To-Go: A Top Coat Must for the Busy Woman

Nails Good To-Go: A Top Coat Must for the Busy Woman
Just paint, apply top coat, and Go,
The Pro’s, reviewers and I say it's best in show;

Use it right before you go to that bash,
Or even before you hit the sack and crash;

Little kiddies don’t even have time to ruin their nails,
If your Mani doesn’t dry fast enough, use this if all else fails;

Messy marks is something you won’t see,
Yes! It’s called Essie Good To-Go –Get it with your Mani/Pedi;

Flirty Girl Fitness is where my friends and I found this precious coat,
Our nails stayed looking good while we hit the poles, crawled, WAIT THAT’S another NOTE!

Enjoy this secret of mine,
You can get it at Ulta for $10, rain or shine J


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this top coat!! I am always wearing nail polish and usually change my color about once a week. My nails normally take over an hour to dry, but with this product I am literally "good to go" in just a few minutes.

  2. FYI, my mother applied the nail coat on right before she went to bed. She passed out too soon and in the morning her nails were perfect with no damage. That's how fast her nails dried. Xo jacqui