Friday, April 1, 2011

~Je t'aime Cle De Peau~

Who or What do I love? YES, it’s Cle De Peau Beaute’s  Make up line that has always provided for me every time I step out my door. It’s delightfully fresh, yet alluringly classic. Although my dearest Parisian paramour is a costly makeup line, IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY. I have been faithfully using their mascara and Intensifying eyeliner cream aka eye liner with a brush for months now. The mascara has lasted me 7 months and applies to my lashes like the day I purchased it. The eyeliner cream is wonderful and applies so clean. The brush allows you to have great technique and room for fun. I was told the eyeliner will last me 2 years. The picture below shows how much I have used with the application of everyday for the past 4 months, SO stay continued to see if it lasts me as long as I desire it too.  The close up of my eye shows the end of the day result. Mascara runs $50 dollars; Eye liner with Brush runs $60. My suggestion is to get your makeup done for FREE. Samples are not offered.
The unprecedented science of Cle De Peau is said to have a brain of its own and I believe it.  You will find yourself saving money in the long run while most makeup products dry out within 2-4months. For the eyeliner make sure you keep your brush clean and remove any build up with unsoiled makeup remover for best results.  
Cle De Peau Beaute may sound French but it really is a High End Japanese make up line. The Japanese put out a very good product just like their cars. You can purchase this line from Neiman Marcus Northbrook, Oakbrook, Michigan Avenue, Barneys Chicago and Saks Fifth Avenue.
Think about it and Enjoy!

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