Friday, April 15, 2011

Seasonal Spring Symptoms

Yes, while the flowers are blooming and April showers are pouring some may be fighting seasonal allergies, the common cold or plain old annoying Upper Respiratory Infections. A great way to help cleanse any irritants in your sinuses or remove goopy (ewww) mucus is to use an ancient Indian classic; A NETI POT. Yoga practitioners in India started this cute little irrigation regimen for all their yogi followers. It’s said the Neti Pot™ came from the word Jala Neti which means to cleanse the nose with water.
Why is this important? Because, although majority of infections are viral or symptoms arise due to allergies, they can lead to serious bacterial sinus infections. From my experience I always feel like I can breathe so much better and my infections clear up faster. Think about it, you’re flushing away whatever doesn’t belong there. Also, a friend of mine uses the Neti Pot™ everyday as a preventative measure. All I can say is that she has never had an illness or allergy outbreak since I have known her for the past 5 years. First hand experience can say a lot.
Directions (written):
1) Purchase a decent Neti Pot™ such as in my picture (Its ceramic). You can buy the ceramic pot at Whole Foods and the plastic ones at Walgreens (the plastic is cheaper but disposable so expensive in the long run).
2) Fill the Neti Pot™ with Luke warm, NOT hot, water. Check the water as if you’re going to give this to a baby. IF you think it’s too hot it probably is. SIDE NOTE: It’s going up your nose so you don’t want the water to burn you.
3) Add a 1/8-1/4 tsp of Table salt. Mix until dissolved.
4) Lean forward and turn your head to one side over the sink, keeping the forehead at the same height as the chin, or slightly higher.

5) Gently insert the spout in the upper nostril so it forms a comfortable seal.

6) Raise the Neti Pot™ gradually so the saline solution flows in through your upper nostril and out of the lower nostril.  Breathe through your mouth.

7) When the Neti Pot™ is empty, face the sink and exhale vigorously without pinching the nostrils.

8) Refill the Neti Pot™ and repeat on the other side. Again, exhale vigorously to clear the nasal passages. SIDE NOTE: You will feel like your drowning but your NOT. You will get use to it.

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