Saturday, April 23, 2011

What do the Moroccan, Middle Eastern and Far East Women do for their Skin?

Spices such as Turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, good pepper, ginger and ect….. ARE so important in various cultures diets. Not only do they offer large amounts of flavor to your food but they can also boost your overall health. The great thing about spices is that we can upgrade our food without the calories. Spices can take an ordinary dish and add vitamins, color, flavor, and even medicinal properties. Cultures around the world use spices not only in their foods but also for healing. My mother and I have always loved to offer great flavor in our dishes but we also want them to be very healthy for us too. When I was in Qatar spices were abundant and women would flourish to them. Markets would have oil stands that would carry oil infused herbs for medicinal healing or prevention.  Even traveling to Africa, Japan, or Europe herbs and spices were used in various ways.

Turmeric aka Curcumin
When EATEN: Several studies have linked Turmeric to fight free radicals and offer anti-inflammatory properties. It is often noticed as the bright orange spice seen in curries and sauces. Lance Armstrong endorses this on his website
When APPLIED TOPICALLY: It is also said turmeric has anti-septic and antimicrobial effects.  (Where to Buy: Spices as Whole Foods, William-Sonoma; Apply to skin: Golden Path Alchemy Refine Healing Herbal Serum.

SIDE NOTE: Since spices are so rich in nutrients they also naturally increase your body’s metabolism. Plus they replace Salt which eliminates bloating and swelling.
Black pepper when ingested is considered a natural detoxifier. Problem is we don’t ingest enough of it orally to consume enough of its benefits. However, when applied to the skin as a massage oil. Black pepper helps tone the skin and offers increase blood flow to the surface. Black pepper will give you that warming feeling when applied. (Buy: Bhaktiveda Nourishing Massage Oil.
Ginger: Helps boost your immune system and is called the “king of herbs” because it helps your whole body.
When EATEN: Helps relieve nausea and upset stomachs. It’s an aid for digestion as well as a cough suppressant (Bet you didn’t know that). Also it helps improve circulation which helps with healing, reduce swelling and brings oxygen to cells to help refresh them.
When APPLIED: ok YES you can see ginger in cellulite products but I don’t know how true of an effect this has on fat. However, it does help soothe, relax and offers anti-aging/antioxidant properties on the skin. (Buy: Brew Ginger tea to ingest it-Whole foods; Apply buy finding creams with ginger or try Juara’s New Sweet Black Tea and Ginger Mattefying Moisturizer).

ALWAYS CHECK A PRODUCTS INGREDIENTS; If your looking for any benefit from an ingredient it should be listed in the first half. If the ingredient is listed at the end it may not offer enough potency and therefor offer no benefits. ITS A MARKETING STRATEGY FYI

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