Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Need to straighten your life?

Discoverd this by accident from a friend who so graciously let me borrow her Hair Straightner when in Miami. Since, I fried mine when traveling abroad from the voltage in the outlet. Who could blame me? I was a girl in need of a straightener who has curly hair (wears it straight) and caught in the Arab desert.
ARGAN HEATTM by one and onlyTM is an amazing ceramic straightner that will only cost you $60. Everyone knows that I have thin hair and split ends come with it like a married couple. GIRLS its time to get a divorce because this product for me has not caused any breakage, burning or late night bad hair. I was so amazed that not only did it help with breakage but it kept my bangs straight until the next day. BY THE WAY, My bangs went through 6 hrs of tanning in the sun, partying all night in south beach till 4 am, then slamming my head on a pillow for a couple of hours. YES this is true and its my FRESH secret to you.......


  1. I'm glad you love the straightener! They also have a curling iron too that works just as amazing at the flat iron! I agree that this straightener doesn't kill your hair like other straighteners do and leaves your hair soft and straight all day long. And I have extremely thick curly hair. So it works for ALL hair types which is awesome! FYI i love that you finally decided to do some sort of blog!!

  2. Thanks for the info...I think I will look into a curling iron.