Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A European Alternative to Eyelash Growth

Gosh, there are some days where I wish I had long luscious eyelashes and didn’t have to work so hard to get them. I understand that it can be a fuss for some of us to use mascara, apply fake eyelashes, or gather a prescription to grow our lashes but there’s a natural alternative. Turns out, pure almond essential oil is a very common product used by many European women. A Turkish friend of mine, who has lived majority of her life in various European countries, unveiled this secret to me. 

After much research, this secret looked to be true. In fact if you internet search almond oil and look up “images” you’ll find pictures of bottled almond oil and eyelashes. Almond oil is high in essential fatty acids, which help condition and prevent lash breakage. These moisturizing properties allow the eyelash to be filled with nutrients and look thick. 

Apply 1-2 drops of almond oil near the root of the eyelash before you go to bed. Avoid touching your eyeball since this can cause irritation. It’s best to clean your hands and use your finger to gently rub the oil near your lashes. Typically women see results within a week, however my friend states it can take one month. It’s important to continue this treatment nightly. 

Avoid this treatment if you have any allergies to nuts. Also, please use pure almond oil. If the ingredients list other products do not use. Always keep the bottle in a cool, dark place. 


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