Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cute and Creative Cuticle Oil ~Great Gift and Favor

This is such as great find and truthfully a great gift or favor. Create and be creative when making this homemade cuticle oil. I love simple, natural, and rewarding recipes and this one makes it to the top of my list. My mother took a “Green Spa Recipes for Christmas favors” class this past year and decided to share her creative charm to family and friends. Everyone loved the gifts and still to this day many say they continue to use this cuticle oil for various reasons. 

“This nail treatment will help maintain strength and prevent brittleness and cracking in the cold winter months.” 

                1 tablespoon almond oil
                1 tablespoon jojoba oil
                20 drops lavender essential oil
                10 drops lemon essential oil

Mix all the ingredients in a small dark glass bottle. Seal tightly and shake vigorously for 2 min to blend and gently warm to body temperature. Place bottle in a cool, dark place for 24hrs to synergize the oils. To use, apply one drop to each nail every night and massage for about a minute. Makes approx. 1 oz.


Why use the Lemon Oil?
                -Great source of vitamins
                -Lemon oil via smell gives us alertness (This is also 
                      supported by Dr. Oz)
                -Increases nail strength and luster
                -Kills germs and fights fungal infections

Why use Lavender oil?
                -pain relief
                -antiseptic and antifungal properties
                -Increases circulation

Why use Almond oil?
                -It’s almost in every beauty and spa product and 
                       proud to be so...great Moisturizer
                -Great emollient
                -promotes youthful skin complexion
Why use Jajoba Oil?
                -Great moisturizer
                -Similar to skin oils, tricks the skin into thinking it’s 
                      produced enough oil, balancing oil production
                -VERY STABLE OIL- doesn’t turn rancid

SIDE NOTE: you can buy all sorts of great glass containers for real cheap at the American Science and Surplus Store ~ they have multiple locations in the Chicago-land area. This dark bottle costs $0.50 each. 

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